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Native communities across the United States are increasingly confronted with threats to their sovereignty and to the places they rely on for their culture and way of life. Nowhere is this threat felt more than in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. The Gwich’in people refer to the Coastal Plain of the Arctic Refuge is as “The Sacred Place Where Life Begins.” There, the Porcupine Caribou that spiritually and culturally sustain the Gwich’in give birth to and care for their young.

Last year, the administration opened the Arctic Refuge to drilling, disregarding indigenous rights and public wishes.

As they have for decades, the Gwich’in are leading the charge to protect the Arctic Refuge for future generations. Native communities confronting similar battles are standing with them.


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For thousands of years, the Gwich’in people have lived in the Arctic, taking care of the land and animals. We treat caribou and other creatures with reverence, because without them, we would not survive. To my people, wilderness is not a luxury or indulgence; it is a necessity. We feed our families and sustain our culture by living on the land, taking only what we need, and caring for our clean air, clean water, and abundant wildlife.
— Traditional Chief Trimble Gilbert

Gather. Watch. Speak Up. 


We need your voice.

speak out to decision-makers in washington D.C. and introduce this issue to your local community. we’ll provide you with the tools to stand alongside the gwich’in.


Action 1: SUPPORT THE Launch

Help us launch the national film tour, running February 27 - March 16, and encourage your community to show up. We’ll supply a social media kit with clips, photos, talking points and tour details. You can grab what you want and customize the message to your community.

Action 2: party

Gather your friends and family and host a viewing party from March 17, onward. We’ll supply the film, additional info about the Arctic Refuge and a meaningful action your community can take to help decision-makers do the right thing in protecting the Refuge. We’ll also hook you up with swag and prizes to ensure a good time all around. It will be a win-win-win!